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Assorted Lou Marchetti Gothic & Romance Covers
A small sampling of the many Gothic and Romance paperback covers created by Lou, scanned from the books.

beware my love!.jpg cliffside castle.jpg cloud over malverton.jpg dark cliffs.jpg dark cypress.jpg day of the arrow.jpg
engraved in evil.jpg fog island.jpg greenwood.jpg heirloom of tragedy.jpg hilltop.jpg house of the pines.jpg
lady of mallow.jpg secret of the villa como2.JPG seven days from midnight.jpg so dark a heritage.jpg so many midnights.jpg some beckoning wraith.jpg
storm castle.jpg the brass key.jpg the clock at ravenswood.jpg the drawstring.jpg the grenfell legacy.jpg the listener.jpg
the lonley steeple.jpg the pavillion at monkshood.jpg the secret of tarn-end house.jpg thunder heights.jpg to the dark tower.jpg willow weep.jpg
the legend of baverstock